A Question of Meaning


A Question of Meaning was a one-hour television show produced by Katie Brugger and Arthur Hancock for Asheville’s public access channel, URTV. URTV went off the air so our show was discontinued, but you can click here to watch segments from each show.

Currently we are working on a multifaceted project entitled “We Are ALL Innocent by Reason of Insanity,” which includes two forthcoming books and a musical concert. Listen to some songs, and read our blog.

Check out our first book The Game of God: Recovering Your True Identity. Available in Asheville at Malaprop’s and Skinny Beat Drum Shop.


A TV Show About Meaning

A Question of Meaning,  featuring Arthur Hancock and Katie Brugger, was a weekly show on Asheville’s public access channel (now defunct). The show’s purpose was to explore ideas about life, love, meaning, God, religion, identity, and more.

Katie Brugger and Arthur Hancock